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Content Guidelines

Pickleball User Reviews.com allows users to contribute different kinds of content, including reviews, images, videos, votes, and more. Please stick to the general guidelines below when posting content on this website. Pickleball User Reviews.com reserves the right to delete any content that does not follow the guidelines below.

Inappropriate content

Do not post reviews or content that include profanity, threats, harassment, or hate speech.

Intellectual property

The reviews or content you post on this website should be your own. Do not post other people’s photos or swipe other website content.

Conflicts of interest

Your reviews or content should be objective and unbiased. Do not post reviews or content of your own business or employer. This website is also not to be used by a business to write reviews of their competitors.

Promotional content

Do not post reviews or content that is of a promotional nature. Do not add links to other websites. This is reserved for those who have claimed their listing or paid to advertise. We want this website useful for everyone and not overrun with promotions.


Please make sure your reviews or content are appropriate and relevant to pickleball. This website isn’t the place for rants or a place to demand payments from a business.


Do not publicize any person’s private information (including their full name). Please do not post close-up photos or videos of people without their permission.

Thank you for your cooperation when it comes to the content on Pickleball User Reviews.com. We want this to be a website that is beneficial to those seeking legitimate pickleball reviews.