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About Us

Welcome to Pickleball User Reviews.com! We're excited you're here!

We are Todd and Teresa from PickleballMAX.  As founders of PickleballMAX, we have been in the pickleball space for over 8 years coaching, playing, managing tournaments and creating pickleball content.  We created this website out of a need we saw for users in the pickleball community to better discover, rate and review pickleball opportunities in a single place. 

The site was initially developed to be a platform for rating and reviewing pickleball tournaments.  Tournament players, for example, want a place to leave reviews and provide feedback about tournaments in which they played.  Likewise, potential tournament players want to know which tournaments are worth playing. This website is intended to be a site where the reviews are authentic and are created by you!

In addition to tournaments, there are also camps, venues and more that could benefit from a discovery, review and rating platform. 

The idea of a review website morphed into a pickleball directory!

It’s no secret, pickleball is exploding!  However, it’s growing at such a fast pace that it’s challenging to keep up with all of the new venues and vendors in the pickleball space added on a daily/monthly basis.  Therefore, in addition to the ratings and review features, we also created this website to be a discovery tool for all the pickleball happenings.  

We hope this website will be a great resource and will continue to improve the sport for everyone!